Sarah Murray

Standard Name: Murray, Sarah
Birth Name: Sarah Maese
Birth Name: Sarah Mease
Married Name: Sarah Murray
Self-constructed Name: The Hon. Mrs. Murray of Kensington
Married Name: Sarah Aust
Self-constructed Name: The Hon. Mrs. Murray Aust
SM published in 1799 and later expanded on a colourful travel guide to Scotland, northern England and the Hebrides. If she is indeed the same person as Sarah Maese or Mease, she had already published a book of pedagogy with inset tales and historical material, designed to publicise a school she ran. Though the subject-matter is very different, the two publications share characteristics, notably panache, use of personal experience, lengthy descriptive titles, and progressive expansion of the original text.


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Occupation Fanny Holcroft
FH was a musician before she was a writer. She was performing for family guests by 1798, when her father's diary says a great deal about her ability, and mentions her being the principal performer...


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