Barbara Palmer, Duchess of Cleveland

Standard Name: Cleveland, Barbara Palmer,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Barbara Palmer, Countess of Castlemaine
Used Form: Barbara Villiers


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Employer Delarivier Manley
In effect, she worked for the duchess as a humble companion.
Rizzo, Betty. Companions Without Vows: Relationships Among Eighteenth-Century British Women. University of Georgia Press.
She left after a quarrel, apparently following some kind of involvement with the duchess's son by Charles II. DM later attacked Cleveland in fiction.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
Friends, Associates Delarivier Manley
For the next few months she took shelter with the former royal mistress the Duchess of Cleveland (formerly Lady Castlemaine), to whom the daughters of Ann Fanshawe had introduced her.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
Literary Setting Jean Plaidy
The second novel, depicting the years of Charles's reign from the Restoration of 1660 to the Popish Plot of October 1678, concentrates on private affairs, and among those it concentrates on the struggle for power...
Literary Setting Elizabeth Isabella Spence
EIS is nostalgic about the past here, but also somewhat confused. During her chosen period Rebecca and her contemporaries bore no resemblance to the young women of the present century, for they neither despised nor...
Residence Iris Tree
IT 's family moved to Walpole House in Chiswick Mall. Charles II 's mistress Barbara, Lady Castlemaine (patron of Delarivier Manley ) had lived in this house for some years before her death in...
Textual Features Delarivier Manley
This oriental tragedy, set in an exotically-imagined east, opposes a sizzlingly sexual female villain, Homais (played by Elizabeth Barry ), and a model, patient, suffering but excessive heroine, Princess Selima (played by Anne Bracegirdle


21 May 1662: Charles II married Catherine of Braganza...

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21 May 1662

Charles II married Catherine of Braganza (daughter of the king of Portugal) in two ceremonies: one secret and Catholic, one Anglican.


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