Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia

Standard Name: Nicholas II,, Tsar of Russia


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Textual Features Kathleen E. Innes
This book provides a historical account showing how the League ideal developed from the Amphictyonic League in ancient Greece, through the conceptions of William Penn , the Abbé St Pierre , Immanuel Kant , and Tsar Nicholas II .
Travel Violet Trefusis
At the end of a trip through Scandinavia, Leningrad, and Moscow in summer 1936, VT visited the Empress Alexandra 's boudoir, and read her letters to the Emperor written in 1914-1916. She criticised...


22 January 1905
About 150,000 workers in St Petersburg marched to the Winter Palace to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II , begging him to ameliorate their intolerable living conditions. Soldiers fired on the crowd, killing hundreds.
15 March 1917
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated the throne, ending 1,000 years of imperial rule.


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