Johanna Alberti

Standard Name: Alberti, Johanna


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Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
At this early point in the war, the government relied on volunteer groups to administer the separation allowance programme. In Liverpool, the SSFA was run by Rathbone and a network of the city's suffragists and...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
One conservative point in ER 's outlook at this time was her willingness to allow pressure for equal pay to slacken. As Johanna Alberti comments, Rathbone believed men in the armed forces were making a...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
Johanna Alberti calls this speech one of the most impassioned speeches of [ER 's] time as an MP on a question which she thought about day and night.
Alberti, Johanna. Eleanor Rathbone. Sage Press.
Her ongoing struggle to get...


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Alberti, Johanna. Eleanor Rathbone. Sage Press, 1996.