Patricia Crawford

Standard Name: Crawford, Patricia


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Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Savage
SS 's mother, born Katherine or Katharine Matthews , heiress to estates at Broad Oak and Bronington in Flintshire, married on 26 April 1660, just before the Restoration which ejected her husband from his...
Health Sarah Savage
Two months after her wedding SS prayed that God might make her a fruitful vine. Some weeks after that, on 3 July, she prayed the Lord might fulfil her desire about a partic[ular] thing, and...
Textual Production Sarah Savage
She intended it as a record of the workings of my heart.
Williams, Sir John Bickerton, and Sarah Savage. Memoirs of the Life and Character of Mrs. Sarah Savage. Holdsworth and Ball.
Such a record was important in what Patricia Crawford has described as the family ideology of the Henrys. Diaries by SS 's...


1654: According to historian Patricia Crawford,...

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According to historian Patricia Crawford , this year saw the last known instance of a woman voting (at Bristol) in a parliamentary election before the twentieth century.


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