Christian Davies

Standard Name: Davies, Christian


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Performance of text Cicely Hamilton
A performance at Sunderland the following year drew its cast from more than fifty local women's groups and was attended by an audience of 2,000. In the same year many photographs were taken in London...
Textual Features Cicely Hamilton
The pageant required more than fifty actresses, only three of whom had speaking parts, to portray famous women from history (not all of them remembered today). In the initial, Scala production, the only speaking role...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ménie Muriel Dowie
The book is a collection of reprinted pamphlets put together on the lives of Madame Velasquez , Hannah Snell , Mary Anne Talbot , and Christian Davies , with an introduction by MMD . Its...


Late 1739: There was published, bearing the date of...

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Late 1739

There was published, bearing the date of 1740, The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies , commonly call'd Mother Ross. Taken from her own mouth, the story of a woman cross-dressing to be a soldier.


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