Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

Standard Name: Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore


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Family and Intimate relationships Ruby M. Ayres
Her father, Charles Pryor Ayres, was a highly successful architect who had studied with Edward Welby Pugin (a son of the more famous Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin ).
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Occupation Anne Mozley
Besides domestic work (such as housekeeping for her brother Thomas), AM was a pioneer in designing and embroidering church vestments from medieval patterns found in the work of Augustus Pugin , long before this became...


1 March 1812
Architect and writer Augustus Pugin was born at 34 Store Street, near Bedford Square, London.
Architect Augustus Pugin converted to Roman Catholicism; he designed many of the newly-built Catholic churches in the Gothic style.
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin published Contrasts, or, a parallel between the noble edifices of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and similar buildings of the present day, shewing the present decay of taste.
The Houses of Parliament were rebuilt in the Gothic style by Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin , following their destruction by fire in October 1834.
14 September 1852
Augustus Pugin , architect and writer, died at Ramsgate, Kent.