Alice Scatcherd

Standard Name: Scatcherd, Alice


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February 1880: A Demonstration of Women was held at the...

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February 1880

A Demonstration of Women was held at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in support of women's suffrage.

1886: Elizabeth Cady Stanton approached Priscilla...

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton approached Priscilla Bright McLaren and Anna Maria Priestman to help organise a British delegation to an international conference of suffragists in Washington.

25 July 1889: The Women's Franchise League, an organisation...

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25 July 1889

The Women's Franchise League , an organisation committed to including married women in future women's suffrage proposals, was formed in London by Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy , Alice Scatcherd , and Harriet M'Ilquham and others.


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