Ignatius Loyola

Standard Name: Loyola, Ignatius


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Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Lennox
The work began a whole genre of Quixote novels, of which the first seems to be The Spiritual Quixote, published by December 1754 (not Richard Graves 's work of that title, but a book...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text John Oliver Hobbes
The Science of Life uses as its examples St Ignatius , John Wesley , and Tolstoy .
Richards, John Morgan, and John Oliver Hobbes. “Pearl Richards Craigie: Biographical Sketch by her Father”. The Life of John Oliver Hobbes, J. Murray.
In Dante and Botticelli she argues from her two Italian examples that the best possible training for...


16 August 1534: St Ignatius Loyola, then an officer of Ferdinand...

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16 August 1534

St Ignatius Loyola , then an officer of Ferdinand V of Spain , laid the foundation (at Paris) for the Jesuits , also known as the Society of Jesus or the Order of Jesus.


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