Christina Fraser-Tytler

Standard Name: Fraser-Tytler, Christina
Birth Name: Christina Catherine Fraser-Tytler
Married Name: Christina Catherine Liddell
Self-constructed Name: C. C. Fraser-Tytler
Self-constructed Name: Christina Catherine Fraser-Tytler
CFT was a Scottish-born novelist and poet with a taste for melodramatic plots and working-class protagonists. In the later decades of the nineteenth century, she published at least six novels, three poetry volumes, a collection of short stories, and a biography of her husband.


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Friends, Associates Emilie Barrington
Barrington and Watts had a host of mutual friends, among them Leighton and other artists, and the US patron Mary Mead .
Blunt, Wilfrid Jasper Walter. ’England’s Michelangelo’. H. Hamilton, 1975.
Watts's courtship of Mary Fraser-Tytler put his friendship with EB under strain....
Reception Mary Anne Barker
The British Quarterly Review in 1876 likened Evening Hours. A Family Magazine to Good Words, and mentioned C. C. Fraser-Tytler among its contributors. MAB herself had been a contributor to Good Words for the...


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