Francis Bugg

Standard Name: Bugg, Francis


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Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Fell
Francis Bugg (who harrassed another Quaker writer, Anne Docwra , with slanderous writings) later published a mocking story that George Fox and MF thought God had intervened to make her pregnant at her advanced age...
politics Anne Docwra
As persecution against dissenters increased, AD took on the project of combating this trend in print. For some years at the turn of the century (when she already thought of herself as an old woman)...
Reception Anne Docwra
Bugg continued his attacks in William Penn , the Pretended Quaker . . . To which is Added, A Winding-Sheet for Anne Dockwra, 1700, and A Seasonable Caveat against the Prevalency of Quakerism...
Textual Production Anne Docwra
AD responded to Bugg 's attacks with The Second Part of an Apostate-Conscience Exposed, whose title-page proclaims it as an answer to his scurrilous Jezebel Withstood.
Docwra, Anne. The Second Part of an Apostate-Conscience Exposed. 1700.
Textual Production Anne Docwra
AD 's pamphlet battle with the anti-Quaker controversialist Francis Bugg may not have been her first. She was, she says, attacked in 1683 in The Good Order of Truth Justified, and replied in 1685...
Textual Production Anne Docwra
Docwra wrote to rebuke Bugg , who had written against her that April a tirade entitled Jezebel Withstood, and Her Daughter Anne Dockwra, Publickly Reprov'd. He incorporated this ad feminam attack in two works...
Textual Production Joan Whitrow
Others who contributed were Rebecca Travers (who wrote the opening pages under the title of the work as a whole), Sarah Ellis , Ann Martin , and Robert Whitrow , Joan's husband, who signed a...


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