Frances Greville, Countess of Warwick

Standard Name: Warwick, Frances Greville,,, Countess of
Used Form: Lady Warwick


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Literary responses Elinor Glyn
The World received many letters in response to this novel in serial form. Many wondered who the author was; many found the instalments amusing, and others found them shockingly immoral.
Beaton, Cecil, and Elinor Glyn. “Introduction”. Three Weeks, Duckworth, p. v - xxvii.
The Countess of Warwick
Literary responses Elinor Glyn
EG 's close friend Lady Warwick , when shown the finished manuscript of this book, warned EG not to publish it, or she would tarnish or ruin her reputation.
Glyn, Anthony. Elinor Glyn. Hutchinson.
Hardwick, Joan. Addicted to Romance: The Life and Adventures of Elinor Glyn. Andre Deutsch.
Indeed, the novel did...


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