Elizabeth Crawford

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Health Kate Parry Frye
KPF 's diary indicates that she was often unhappy during the decades following the war, though probably not, like her sister, a sufferer from clinical depression. Biographer Elizabeth Crawford sees the cause as her lack...
Literary responses Kate Parry Frye
In later life KPF often re-read passages from her earlier diary, marvelling at the social change it recorded, sometimes weeping over her own youth or over the war years.
Crawford, Elizabeth, and Kate Parry Frye. The Great War: The People’s Story—Kate Parry Frye: The Long Life of an Edwardian Actress and Suffragette. ITV, 2014.
According to Crawford when she edited...
Author summary Kate Parry Frye
KPF wrote prolifically throughout her life. Her most significant work was her diary, in which she meticulousy recorded her daily life from the age of nine until only four months before her death in 1959...
Reception Kate Parry Frye
Elizabeth Crawford 's edition, Campaigning for the Vote, was received with enthusiasm, presenting, as Crawford says, a near impossibility—totally new primary material on the women's suffrage movement in England.
Crawford, Elizabeth. “Now Published: Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary, Edited by Elizabeth Crawford”. Woman and Her Sphere.
In 2014 the television...
Residence Mariana Starke
MS seems to have lived with her family at Epsom until she left for Italy in 1792. At some time after getting back from Europe she settled in Devon (where the name Stark or Starke...
Textual Production Kate Parry Frye
A relatively small and drastically abridged selection of KPF 's diaries was edited by Elizabeth Crawford for publication
Frye, Kate Parry. “Introduction”. Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary, edited by Elizabeth Crawford, Francis Boutle Publishers, 2013, pp. 9 - 34.
after the full collection of diaries was found damp and mildewed in a cellar in North...
Textual Production Kate Parry Frye
Elizabeth Crawford notes that KPF 's archive, scattered throughout England, contains not only unpublished play typescripts but also an Organiser's Report Book of suffrage work kept from 25 April 1912 to 28 July 1914...
Textual Production Winifred Peck
This novel was reprinted by Dean Street Press in 2016 with an introduction by Elizabeth Crawford .


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