Randolph Bourne

Standard Name: Bourne, Randolph


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Literary responses Willa Cather
A review by Randolph Bourne in the USA levelled much the same criticisms as William Heinemann in England.
Cather, Willa. On Writing. Editor Tennant, Stephen, Alfred A. Knopf.
H. L. Mencken , however, thought this book still more competent, more searching and convincing, better...
Literary responses Willa Cather
Reviews were in the main enthusiastic. Randolph Bourne wrote in the Dial: It has all the artistic simplicity of material that has been patiently shaped until everything irrelevant has been scraped away.
Cather, Willa. My Ántonia. Editor Urgo, Joseph R., Broadview Press.
H. W. Boynton
Literary responses Dorothy Richardson
H. G. Wells , reviewing this work, wrote that DR had probably carried impressionism in fiction to its furthest limit. He considered that her percepts never become concepts, and that her heroine is not a...


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