Hall Caine

Standard Name: Caine, Hall


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Anthologization Lucy Knox
In 1877 LK contributed several poems to the Irish Monthly. I have no wealth of grief; no sobs, no tears was included in Hall Caine 's anthology Sonnets of Three Centuries along with poems...
Education Elma Napier
In spite of the fact that her family did not value literature as much as games, and that her mother had specific ideas about what girls should read, EN devoured every book she could get...
Literary responses Eleanor Farjeon
Hall Caine attributed the brilliance of EF 's blank verse to genius inherited from her father and maternal grandfather.
Farjeon, Annabel. Morning has Broken: A Biography of Eleanor Farjeon. Julia MacRae.
Reception Mary Elizabeth Braddon
By 1901 MEB was so firmly established in the literary scene that Arnold Bennett commented: She is a part of England . . . she has woven herself into it.
Wolff, Robert Lee. Sensational Victorian. Garland.
She declined this year...


1 February 1890: William Heinemann founded his own publishing...

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1 February 1890

William Heinemann founded his own publishing house at 21 Bedford Street, London.

November-December 1906: Mediation in the Book WarRSC: link to other...

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November-December 1906

Mediation in the Book War (of the Times Book Club against the Net Book Agreement) was attempted unsuccessfully by an unofficial committee composed of several eminent authors.


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