Derek Savage

Standard Name: Savage, Derek


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Literary responses Margiad Evans
ME described this novel as the story of Job.
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. Margiad Evans. Seren.
Derek Savage in The Withered Branch found this one of the very few significant modern works of fiction,
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. Margiad Evans. Seren.
perhaps, Lloyd-Morgan suggests, because...
Literary responses Margiad Evans
Reviews were mixed, though the book sold steadily. Some reviewers carped that it was not sufficiently taken up with World War Two, which was still in progress.
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. Margiad Evans. Seren.
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen, and Margiad Evans. “Introduction”. The Old and the Young, Seren, pp. 7-17.
ME was invited to lend part...
Textual Features Margiad Evans
During the crisis at the end of the 1940s ME says her poems began to be requiems; she noticed for the first time the death wish in her own work which critic Derek Savage had...


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