Clara Barton

Standard Name: Barton, Clara


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Fictionalization Louisa May Alcott
A recent surge of interest has produced (as well as John Matteson 's and Eve LaPlante 's studies of LAM and her father and her mother) a monograph by Harriet Reisin , 2009; a study...
Literary responses Rosa Nouchette Carey
A reviewer for the New York Times commented on Carey's decision to include only the very best-known English women in her book when the number of women who are to-day doing good work here in...


1870-1871: With the aid of Clara Barton, the International...

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With the aid of Clara Barton , the International Committee of the Red Cross set up hospitals during the Franco-Prussian War.

1899: Clara Barton, founder of the American Red...

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Clara Barton , founder of the American Red Cross , became the first woman to make a submarine descent.


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