Hannah More (Macaulay), Lady Trevelyan

Standard Name: Trevelyan, Hannah More (Macaulay),,, Lady


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Family and Intimate relationships Thomas Babington, first Baron Macaulay
Thomas was devoted to his mother and to two in particular of his sisters, Margaret (whose married name was Cropper) and Hannah (later Lady Trevelyan). He said that Margaret's marriage was a greater pain to...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Many of her later friends were at least a generation younger than she was. She met many members of the Clapham Sect in the 1790s, of whom Henry Thornton and his daughter Marianne became particularly...
Occupation Thomas Babington, first Baron Macaulay
He was much praised for his historical writings, especially the multi-volume History of England (1849, 1855, 1861), which brought him both wealth and title. Its narrative of progressively established, hard-won freedoms had a long run...
Travel Thomas Babington, first Baron Macaulay
He did not much enjoy the years 1834-8, which he spent in India. Unlike his sister Hannah (who accompanied him as housekeeper) he did not learn a current Indian language, nor did he develop...


1861: The fifth and last volume of the History...

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The fifth and last volume of the History of England by Thomas Babington Macaulay was posthumously published, edited by his sister Hannah .
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