Annette R. Federico

Standard Name: Federico, Annette R.


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Health Marie Corelli
The operation was performed by Dr Mary Scharlieb , the first female to graduate from London University with an M. D. Annette R. Federico claims that MC deliberately chose a female doctor (though they were...
Literary responses Marie Corelli
Academic interest in MC has recently seen a renewal, but modern commentators, although generally more sympathetic to her than earlier ones, have found her hard to place. While critic Annette R. Federico calls her a...
Publishing Marie Corelli
The novel is an indictment of the Decadent Movement for its immorality and sensationalism, yet critic Annette R. Federico notes that the antidecadent novel is packaged as the very flower of decadence, even down to...
Textual Features Marie Corelli
Critic Annette R. Federico notes that in this novel MCexploits many recognizable features of decadence while ostensibly condemning the immorality of effeminate aesthetes and unhealthy New Women.
Federico, Annette R. Idol of Suburbia. University Press of Virginia.
Textual Features Marie Corelli
MC succeeded in combining the sensational characters and plots demanded by popular taste with a high moral tone. She denounced contemporary social and aesthetic movements like decadence and the suffrage struggle in terms that made...


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Federico, Annette R. Idol of Suburbia. University Press of Virginia, 2000.
Federico, Annette R. “Literary Celebrity and Photographic Realism: Marie Corelli and Late-Victorian ’Picture Popularity’”. Nineteenth Century Studies, Vol.
, pp. 27-50.