Catherine Osborne, Duchess of Leeds

Standard Name: Leeds, Catherine Osborne,,, Duchess of


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Dedications Ann Radcliffe
A second edition followed by April 1792, and a third in November 1792.
Norton, Rictor. Mistress of Udolpho: The Life of Ann Radcliffe. Leicester University Press.
82, 88
A fourth edition appeared from Hookham , with a dedication to the Duchess of Leeds , wife of the fifth...
Occupation Ellis Cornelia Knight
The Regent made no complaint about ECK at her dismissal, but it would appear that the dismissal was related to Princess Charlotte's decision that she would not marry a prince who seemed likely to subordinate...
Textual Production Louisa Stuart Costello
As she notes on the title page, LSC had composed these poems during the previous two years, since the time she was fourteen years old. She dedicated the volume to the Duchess of Leeds ...


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