Carl Linnaeus

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Intertextuality and Influence Maria Elizabetha Jacson
Apparently finding an adult instead of a juvenile readership something of a liberation, she designed this book specifically as an introduction to the English translation of The System of Vegetables by Linnaeus , published in...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Moody
The volume opens with an anti-war poem (as well as reprinting Anna's Complaint and The Temptation) and includes several pieces on deaths: of family members, of a baby, of Edward Lovibond , of Horace Walpole
Intertextuality and Influence Flora Thompson
The origin of the title has not been established: it may have come from Sir Walter Scott 's Peveril of the Peak, or from any one of the several place-names in which this element...
Author summary Maria Elizabetha Jacson
During the 1790s and the early nineteenth century, MEJ published three works about Linnean botany and plant physiology
Shteir, Ann B. “Botanical Dialogues: Maria Jacson and Women’s Popular Science Writing in England”. Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 301-17.
(the first of them designed expressly for the instruction of children) and one about gardening.
Textual Features Margaret Atwood
The story focuses on three women: Toby (who loses her loving, low-ranking parents to the system, survives sexual violence, and becomes a not wholly believing member of a sect of ecologists or nature-worshippers calling themselves...
Textual Features A. S. Byatt
Here the first-person male narrator, a tiny dwarf-like man named Phineas Gilbert Nanson, on impulse abandons his work towards a PhD in English (Byatt skewers a gallery of predictably eccentric and pretentious academics), rejecting poststructural...
Textual Features Maria Riddell
MR 's account of her first voyage (based on journals kept at the time) enthusiastically describes tropical birds, flying fish, marine phosphorescence, and waterspouts; the markets, salt pans, and mountains of St Kitts. She...
Textual Production Anna Seward
Literary historian Ann B. Shteir thinks AS may be the author of The Backwardness of the Spring Accounted For, a poem written into a copy of Linnaeus 's A System of Vegetables, 1783...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Maria Elizabetha Jacson
Her book, designed for the use of schools,
Shteir, Ann B. Cultivating Women, Cultivating Science. Johns Hopkins University Press.
has a prefatory Analysis elaborately summarising the contents of each dialogue. Its form follows the popular pattern of instruction by a mother, here Hortensia, of her...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Priscilla Wakefield
The letters are those of two sisters in their teens: Constance, who is away from home for the summer, and Felicia. Both are serious students of botany, and of the Linnean taxonomy, and Felicia has...


1729: Carl von Linné (also known as Linnaeus),...

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Carl von Linné (also known as Linnaeus) , twenty-two this year, published his early Praeludia Sponsaliarum Plantarum, which already sexualises and anthropomorphises plant reproduction.

1758: Carl Linnaeus' tenth edition of his Systema...

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Carl Linnaeus ' tenth edition of his Systema Naturae catalogued all known fauna and flora.

29 July 1771: The botanist Anna Blackburne wrote to Linnaeus...

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29 July 1771

The botanist Anna Blackburne wrote to Linnaeus in Uppsala to offer him biological specimens from New York State.

1785: Benjamin Stillingfleet, writer and male member...

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Benjamin Stillingfleet , writer and male member of the Bluestocking circle, edited and introduced a volume of scientific Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Natural History, Husbandry, and Physick.

June 1787: The Botanical Magazine: or flower garden...

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June 1787

The Botanical Magazine: or flower garden displayed began publication, edited by William Curtis and addressing itself to ladies, gentlemen, and gardeners seeking scientific knowledge of the plants they grew.


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