Dorothy Kilner

Standard Name: Kilner, Dorothy


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Textual Features Sarah Trimmer
In addition to Catharine Cappe 's work on Sunday schools and versions of fairy stories by Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy , the magazine reviewed work by a whole library of didactic, pedagogical, or improving writers, reprinted as...
Textual Production Charlotte Yonge
CY edited a two-part anthology of fiction for children, A Storehouse of Stories; it features work by Sarah Fielding (unascribed), both Kilner sisters (all ascribed to Dorothy ), and (probably) Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson .
Yonge, Charlotte, editor. A Storehouse of Stories. Macmillan.
1: v-vii


5 February 1836: The children's writer Dorothy Kilner died...

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5 February 1836

The children's writerDorothy Kilner died at Stratford near London; she and her sister-in-law, Mary Ann Kilner (1753-1831), published their anonymous, undated works through John Marshall from the 1770s.


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