Veronica Strong-Boag

Standard Name: Strong-Boag, Veronica


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Cultural formation Pauline Johnson
PJ grew up with servants, usually three: a nurse, a cook, and a man to oversee the stables. Her home had the accoutrements of a middle-class life including a piano, silver tea service, books...
Reception Pauline Johnson
Critics Carole Gerson and Veronica Strong-Boag argue that during this period PJcontributed significantly to the remarkable upsurge of Canadian literary activity that occurred during an era of fervent cultural and political nationalism on both...
Textual Production Pauline Johnson
Biographer Betty Keller believes that the poem was first penned in 1879 and addressed to PJ 's close friend Jean Morton , from the Brantford Collegiate Institute , PJ 's high school. Biographers Gerson and...


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Gerson, Carole, and Veronica Strong-Boag. Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake). University of Toronto Press, 2000.