Cherry Clayton

Standard Name: Clayton, Cherry


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Literary responses Olive Schreiner
Clayton considers that this unwieldy novel is a result of the multifaceted nature of Schreiner's life experiences, and the various perspectives she had of them over time. She also notes that it reflects historical changes...
Literary responses Olive Schreiner
Biographers Ruth First and Ann Scott call the book both Undine's and Olive's story,
First, Ruth, and Ann Scott. Olive Schreiner. André Deutsch.
and Cherry Clayton agrees with them that it is Schreiner's first transition from the diary to the novel form. To...
Literary Setting Olive Schreiner
Cherry Clayton believes the novel's fictional English setting, Greenwood, was influenced by the English landscapes in the works of Hardy , George Eliot , and the BrontësEmily BrontëAnne Brontë . Schreiner herself had not yet been to...
Publishing Olive Schreiner
Schreiner began writing the book in South Africa in 1873, and continued to work on it while living in England. She returned to it often, but it never reached a stage where she considered...


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Clayton, Cherry. Olive Schreiner. Twayne, 1997.