Amelia Bristow

Standard Name: Bristow, Amelia
Birth Name: Amelia Solomon
Married Name: Amelia Bristow
Used Form: A. Bristow
Used Form: the author of Elizabeth Allen; or, The Faithful Servant
Used Form: the author of Emma de Lissau
Used Form: the author of Sophia de Lissau
AB wrote during the early nineteenth century for her inadequate living, turning out novels, more than one conduct book, and work for magazines. Most notable is her series of novels about the Jewish-Polish background from which she apparently sprang.


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Literary responses Marion Moss
An Athenæum review criticized the collection, claiming the sisters neglected the really romantic annals and legends of their nation and erroneously represented Jewish life: [T]hough the names and scenery are Jewish and Eastern, the manners...
Textual Features Jane West
JW uses heroic couplets for formal poems like To the Island of Sicily (on the retreat of the king and queen of the Two Sicilies before the French Army of Italy, commanded by Napoleon ...


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