Flavius Josephus

Standard Name: Josephus, Flavius


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Education Naomi Alderman
Alderman's family provided unusual opportunities for learning. She read the manuscript of an unpublished novel for children by her grandfather Eliezer Freedabout Josephus in which he travels in time from Rome through various eras...
Education Mary Collier
MC writes, No Learning ever was bestow'd on me; / My Life was always spent in Drudgery.
Collier, Mary et al. “The Woman’s Labour”. The Thresher’s Labour and The Woman’s Labour, edited by Edward Palmer Thompson et al., Merlin.
But she learned to read very early, and continued learning into adult life. She later listed her...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
The play is a Senecan tragedy, written for the closet, not the public stage, though it is worth remembering that upper-class circles reading or performing such plays were connoisseurs of the highly dramatised masque...
Textual Production Christian Isobel Johnstone
CIJ wrote a number of non-fiction books for children. She launched her Aunt Jane persona with The Wars of the Jews, 1823 (reprinted 1853), selected from the work of Josephus . She delineated the...


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