Leon Solomons

Standard Name: Solomons, Leon


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Education Gertrude Stein
Although GS did not graduate from high school and she lacked the Latin requirements to pass the university's entrance exams, she nevertheless managed to persuade the Academic Board of her serious desire to pursue higher...
Family and Intimate relationships Gertrude Stein
GS had had a flirtation with Leon Solomons during her years at Radcliffe , which remained [p]latonic because neither cared to do more.
Wagner-Martin, Linda. Favored Strangers: Gertrude Stein and Her Family. Rutgers University Press.
They had much in common: both were Jewish, intellectuals, and Californians.
Publishing Gertrude Stein
Normal Motor Automatism, by Leon Solomons and GS , was published in the Harvard Psychological Review.
Brinnin, John Malcolm, and John Ashbery. The Third Rose: Gertrude Stein and her World. Addison-Wesley.
Textual Production Gertrude Stein
This scientific article was Stein's first published writing. It reported on laboratory experiments designed for William James 's graduate seminar in psychology. GS and Leon Solomons asked their subjects to read a story while writing...


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Stein, Gertrude, and Leon Solomons. “Normal Motor Automatism”. Harvard Psychological Review, Harvard University Press.