Johannes Brahms

Standard Name: Brahms, Johannes


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Education Ethel Smyth
After hearing Brahms sung by Fräulein Redeker in London, ES desperately wanted to study music in Germany. Her father objected, as he disapproved of a young Englishwoman living among foreigners, especially artists. Ethel protested...
Friends, Associates Ethel Smyth
Heinrich von Herzogenberg and his wife Lisl befriended her generously, so that she soon became a semi-detached member of the Herzogenberg family.
Collis, Louise. Impetuous Heart: The Story of Ethel Smyth. William Kimber.
They introduced her to many composers, including Brahms (who apparently snubbed her),...


October 1939: Pianist Myra Hess began giving special wartime...

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October 1939

Pianist Myra Hess began giving special wartime after-work concerts, starting at 5:30, at the National Gallery (from which the most precious pictures had already been removed as a precaution against destruction by bombs).


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