Constantin Heger

Standard Name: Heger, Constantin


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Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Brontë
CB 's pedagogical relationship with the married Constantin Heger was most intense, though not necessarily adulterous.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press.
She fell in love with him during her first visit, and returned (as she put it) prompted by...
Instructor Charlotte Brontë
The composition instruction of the demanding master of rhetoric, Monsieur Constantin Heger , had a particularly strong impact on CB 's writing. They took lessons in French and German.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press.
384ff, 404
Instructor Emily Brontë
A plan was formed that the sisters would open their own school to support themselves, and Charlotte decided that she and Emily needed further education in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. On 8...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
MR claims to have been astonished when she found she had written a bloody corpse in the opening chapter again!
Newman, Jenny. “Michèle Roberts”. Contemporary British and Irish Fiction, edited by Sharon Monteith et al., Arnold, pp. 119-34.
The plot concerns two sisters who both love the same man, Adam, a charismatic...
Literary responses May Sinclair
MS sent a copy of this work to Ernest Dimnet , who had written Les Soeurs Brontë. In a letter of 19 July, he sent thanks for the book and also spoke in defence...
Material Conditions of Writing Charlotte Brontë
CB 's stay in Brussels (as well as contributing eventually to Villette) produced a number of French exercises or devoirs, plus her subsequent letters to Constantin Heger . Four of the letters (of which...


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