Sir James Young Simpson

Standard Name: Simpson, Sir James Young


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Family and Intimate relationships Queen Victoria
The obstetrical use of chloroform had been publicized by Dr James Young Simpson in 1847.
Mitchell, Sally, editor. Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia. Garland Press.
A fierce debate ensued in pamphlets and medical journals between proponents of the practice and religious authorities. The latter...


1831: Eugène Soubeiran discovered chloroform....

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Eugène Soubeiran discovered chloroform.

1843: Britain's leading obstetrician, James Young...

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Britain's leading obstetrician, James Young Simpson , adapted sound for use in uterine examinations.

1847: Professor James Young Simpson first used...

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Professor James Young Simpson first used chloroform to aid a woman in childbirth in London.

15 November 1847: Dr James Young Simpson of Edinburgh published...

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15 November 1847

Dr James Young Simpson of Edinburgh published a pamphlet describing how he had proved in practice that chloroform was a successful anaesthetic for obstetrics; his pamphlet sold 1,500 copies within fourteen days.


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