J. S. Anna Liddiard

Standard Name: Liddiard, J. S. Anna
Birth Name: Jane Susanna Anna Wilkinson
Used Form: Jane Susannah Anna Wilkinson
Used Form: Mrs Liddiard
Used Form: I. S. Anna Liddiard
JSAL was an Irish poet of the early nineteenth century, whose subjects touch on landscape, human relations, Irish history and culture, and patriotism both Irish and British. She also wrote translations and a masque.


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Leisure and Society Lady Eleanor Butler
The Ladies and the rural ideal they embodied became famous in literary circles, an object of pilgrimage alike to the lesbian Anne Lister and to more conventional figures like William Wordsworth and the Irish poet...


9-27 July 1575: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, favourite...

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9-27 July 1575

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester , favourite of Queen Elizabeth , threw a particularly magnificent entertainment for her at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire.

18 February 1793: A Catholic Relief Act repealed some parts...

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18 February 1793

A Catholic Relief Act repealed some parts of the infamous Penal Laws operative in Ireland. Either J. S. Anna Liddiard or her husband wrote in 1819 that this was the source of the improvement...


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