Paddy Kitchen

Standard Name: Kitchen, Paddy


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Friends, Associates Bessie Head
The publication of her first book added to the list of her epistolary friends: Giles Gordon , her editor at Gollancz, Tom Carvlin of the Chicago Tribune, and London journalist Paddy Kitchen (and...
Friends, Associates Bessie Head
Her friendships with Giles Gordon and Paddy Kitchen each crashed in flames for reasons connected with BH 's writing (publishing negotiations or opinions expressed), but each was joyfully restored in 1980-1.
Eilersen, Gillian Stead. Bessie Head. Wits University Press.
281-2, 285-6
She had...
Literary responses Bessie Head
Reviews were tentative but respectful. Paddy Kitchen praised the novel in the New Statesman.
Eilersen, Gillian Stead. Bessie Head. Wits University Press.
Later, BH 's Times obituary called it powerful and disturbing, and her biographer Eilersen called it her greatest novel....
Literary responses Bessie Head
Paddy Kitchen wrote a glowing personal response, noting how her reading of Head's presentation of South African history was juxtaposed in counterpoint with daily television footage of present-day South African riots and killings, and how...
Reception Bessie Head
The same TLS reviewer as before praised most of the characters, and touches of detail both comic and otherwise, but felt the central story was too often obscured by a wilful invocation of the arcane...


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Kitchen, Paddy. “Catherine Wheel: Recollections of Ann Quin”. London Magazine, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 50-57.