Sir Ernest Troubridge

Standard Name: Troubridge, Sir Ernest


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Cultural formation Una Troubridge
Spiritualism, or the belief that the dead can contact the living through mediums, became wildly popular in England during the First World War, when the idea of death was all-pervasive. Troubridge and Hall first became...
Family and Intimate relationships Radclyffe Hall
Una, a sculptor, was Ladye's cousin and was unhappily married to Ernest Troubridge , an admiral who was twenty-four years her senior and who was later knighted. They had one child together, a daughter.
Cline, Sally. Radclyffe Hall: A Woman Called John. John Murray.
114-17, 119-20
Family and Intimate relationships Una Troubridge
At twenty-one years old, Margot Taylor (or Una Vincenzo) married Ernest Troubridge at the British Consulate in Venice.
Ormrod, Richard. Una Troubridge: The Friend of Radclyffe Hall. Carroll and Graf.
Family and Intimate relationships Una Troubridge
UT , who had for nearly two years been living intermittently with her lover Radclyffe Hall , agreed to sign a deed of separation from her husband . He signed the deed the next day...
Family and Intimate relationships Una Troubridge
On the outbreak of World War One, Ernest Troubridge , as the Commander of the Second Squadron, was assigned to the task of preventing German ships in the Adriatic from sallying out into the Mediterranean...
Family and Intimate relationships Una Troubridge
By 1913, when Ernest Troubridge was posted to the naval squadron based in Malta, UT had already begun to feel the effects of marital stress in the form of nausea, headaches, and insomnia. On...
Literary responses Una Troubridge
Their research impressed the audience so much that they were asked to deliver the second part of the paper as a public lecture, which they did on 22 March. The initial, private presentation also, however...
Other Life Event Una Troubridge
This would not be the last time their relationship was put on public display. Fox-Pitt's allegations reflected the momentum gathering in Parliament to bring lesbian relationships within the purview of the criminal law, which then...


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