Anthony à Wood

Standard Name: Wood, Anthony à
Used Form: Anthony a Wood


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Textual Features Alicia D'Anvers
ADA 's immortal Sing-Song / How all th'old Dons were at it Ding-dong
D’Anvers, Alicia. The Oxford-Act. Randal Taylor, 1693.
describes and exploits the annual university carnival of misrule which employed a licensed burlesque speaker. She drops, with cheerful irreverence, a...
Textual Production Alicia D'Anvers
The date comes from Anthony à Wood (who wrote it in old style as 1690). Academia, a satire in hudibrastics, was printed in London with (again) ADA 's full name.
Greer, Germaine, Susan Hastings, Jeslyn Medoff, and Melinda Sansone, editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago, 1988.
Textual Production Lucy Hutchinson
Its full title was Order and Disorder; or, The World Made and Undone. Meditations on the Creation and the Fall As it is recorded in the Beginning of Genesis. Anthony à Wood ascribed it...


24 May 1675
Anthony Wood , passionate collector of historical ephemera, carried off for his collection a petition to parliament which he found provided as toilet paper in a London privy.