Carol Reed

Standard Name: Reed, Carol


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Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
IT 's father was actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree , who had given up a job in the family corn-merchant business to pursue acting. After his father told him, An actor can be tolerated only...
Family and Intimate relationships Viola Tree
Throughout her life, VT took direction from her father, the actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree , who had abandoned his job in the family corn-trading business to pursue a career on stage, and had changed...
Textual Production Graham Greene
The film of The Third Man, directed by Carol Reed , was released in January 1950. GG began on the process of writing the script for this film by composing a narrative sketch of...
Textual Production Dodie Smith
Autumn Crocus launched what theatre critic Ernest Short called [a] Dodie Smith boom; in only six years, DS had collected earnings of £60,000 from her plays.
Short, Ernest. Theatrical Cavalcade. Eyre and Spottiswoode.
In 1934, Autumn Crocus was made into...


1938: Carol Reed, a young film director/producer,...

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Carol Reed , a young film director/producer, stormed the British film scene with two realistic docudramas: Stars Look Down, about mining, and Bank Holiday, about Londoners holidaying at the seaside.

1944: Carol Reed directed the film The Way Ahead,...

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Carol Reed directed the film The Way Ahead, which denoted the change of focus in British film from action-adventure war movies to examinations of the psychological effect of war on people .

1946: Carol Reed directed the film adaptation of...

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Carol Reed directed the film adaptation of the novel by F. L. Green entitled Odd Man Out.

13 January 1950: Carol Reed's most successful film, The Third...

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13 January 1950

Carol Reed 's most successful film, The Third Man, starring Orson Welles , opened in London.


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