William Russell

Standard Name: Russell, William,, 1741 - 1793


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Textual Production Susannah Dobson
The book appeared through Dodsley , and promised anecdotes from actual medieval writers. Sainte-Palaye's original work was well known to such historians as Richard Hurd , and had had excerpts incorporated by William Russell in...
Textual Production Jemima Kindersley
Her full title is An Essay on the Character, the Manners, and the Understanding of Women, in Different Ages. She had come upon Thomas's work by chance and thought it superior to a rather...


14 March 1773: Louise d'Epinay composed, in a letter to...

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14 March 1773

Louise d'Epinay composed, in a letter to Ferdinando Galiani , a riposte to Essai sur le charactère, les moeurs, et l'esprit des femmes by Antoine Leonard Thomas , which had appeared in early January 1772.

By May 1773: William Russell anonymously published An...

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By May 1773

William Russell anonymously published An Essay on the Character, Manner, and Genius of Women in different Ages, translated from the French of Antoine Leonard Thomas .

By July 1777: William Russell published his History of...

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By July 1777

William Russell published his History of America in two volumes at London. The date on the title page reads 1778.


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