Russell Gurney

Standard Name: Gurney, Russell


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politics Emily Davies
politics Sophia Jex-Blake
SJB maintained her political drive to establish educational reform for women, culminating in the Russell Gurney Enabling Bill. Passed on 11 August 1876, this allowed all Scottish universities to admit women to medical programmes. This...
Publishing Sophia Jex-Blake
Advocating the passage by Parliament of Russell Gurney 's Enabling Act, SJB published an essay in the Fortnightly Review titled The Practice of Medicine by Women.
Gurney supported various women's causes. His wife, Emelia Russell Gurney
Textual Production Emily Davies
ED 's paper Medicine as a Profession for Women was read by Russell Gurney at the Social Science Congress in London.
British Library Catalogue.
Stephen, Barbara. Emily Davies and Girton College. Constable.


8 April 1867: Russell Gurney presented Parliament with...

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8 April 1867

Russell Gurney presented Parliament with a women householders' petition for suffrage.

After 15 January 1869: Frances Power Cobbe took up in the pages...

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After 15 January 1869

Frances Power Cobbe took up in the pages of the Echo the cause of Susanna Palmer , imprisoned for wounding her abusive husband in a fight.

9 August 1870: The first Married Women's Property Act gave...

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9 August 1870

The first Married Women's Property Act gave women the right to certain property: wages, investments, and legacies under £200.

12 August 1876: Russell Gurney's Enabling Bill allowed for...

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12 August 1876

Russell Gurney 's Enabling Bill allowed for female medical students to take their degree examinations before established medical bodies.


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