Louisa M. Hubbard

Standard Name: Hubbard, Louisa M.
Used Form: L. M. Hubbard


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politics Mary Augusta Ward
An organization formed by Louisa Hubbard and others to form links between various strands of women's charitable works, the NUWW had from its inception in 1895 sought to be non-political, but MAW 's friend...
Textual Production Emily Faithfull
This provided practical advice on job-hunting for middle-class women. It included articles as well as advertisements for and information on particular trades. Louisa M. Hubbard published a similar journal, Woman's Gazette.
Levine, Philippa. Victorian Feminism 1850-1900. Hutchinson, 1987.
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany, 1994.


L. M. Hubbard edited the first issue of the Englishwoman's Year Book, an annual publication out of London.
October 1875
L. M. Hubbard edited the first monthly issue, in London, of the Woman's Gazette, a practical guide for genteel women pursuing employment.
December 1879
The The Woman's Gazette; or, News about Work, edited by L. M. Hubbard , ended publication in London under this title.
January 1880
The Woman's Gazette; or, News about Work became Work and Leisure from this issue. It continued to focus on employment opportunities but widened its scope to include correspondence, fiction, and articles on entertainment.
The Matrons' Aid or Trained Midwives' Registration Society was founded in London by Louisa M. Hubbard .
December 1893
Work and Leisure ended publication in London.
The Englishwoman's Year Book ended publication in London.