James Wolfe

Standard Name: Wolfe, James
Used Form: General Wolfe


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Textual Production Maria Barrell
Maria Weylar (later MB ) seems to have been writing poetry by October 1759, since her published volume includes an elegy on the death of Wolfe at Quebec.
Barrell, Maria. Reveries du Coeur. Dodsley, Walter, Owen, and Yeats.
For about a dozen years she...
Textual Production Elizabeth Gilding
A verse Epitaph for General Wolfe (the poem that EG placed third in her single known volume, The Breathings of Genius, 1776) presumably dated from soon after his death in September this year.
Gilding, Elizabeth. The Breathings of Genius. W. Faden.
Textual Production Eliza Parsons
It shared the bill (which was given for the benefit of actress Isabella Mattocks ) with Elizabeth Inchbald 's The Child of Nature (adapted from Genlis ) and The Soldier's Festival; or, The Night before...
Textual Production Charlotte Smith
The early writings of Charlotte Turner (later CS ) included an elegy on the death of General Wolfe , written before she was eleven.
Hilbish, Florence. Charlotte Smith, Poet and Novelist. University of Pennsylvania Press.


13 September 1759: A British party under James Wolfe climbed...

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13 September 1759

A British party under James Wolfe climbed the Heights of Abraham at Quebec and beat the French in battle there.

10 February 1763: The Peace of Paris ended the Seven Years'...

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10 February 1763

The Peace of Paris ended the Seven Years' War (known in North America as the French and Indian War), which had firmly established Britain's pre-eminence as a maritime power.


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