Francis Guizot

Standard Name: Guizot, Francis
Used Form: François Guizot


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Friends, Associates Sarah Austin
SA began a lifelong intimate friendship with François Guizot , statesman and academic, who was then one of the most powerful men in France.
Hamburger, Lotte, and Joseph Hamburger. Troubled Lives: John and Sarah Austin. University of Toronto Press.
Reception Harriet Martineau
Guizot , the French Minister of Public Instruction, was ordered by Louis Philippe to translate the Illustrations for the French national schools. He considered HM to be the only woman ever to have affected legislation...
Textual Production Sarah Austin
Other French translations include On the Causes of the Success of the English Revolution of 1640-1688 published by SA 's good friend François Guizot before 2 February 1850, and Victor Cousin 's and Friedrich Wilhelm Carove


October 1846: Queen Isabella of Spain married her cousin,...

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October 1846

Queen Isabella of Spain married her cousin, despite machinations by British and French diplomats to arrange a marriage that would be politically opportune for them.

22-24 February 1848: An insurrection occurred in Paris, which...

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22-24 February 1848

An insurrection occurred in Paris, which became known as the February Revolution.


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