Mary Campbell

Standard Name: Campbell, Mary,, 1917 - 2002


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Birth Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Sydney Owenson was born: probably in Dublin although possibly, with happy symbolism, on board ship crossing the Irish Sea.
The exact birthdate remains uncertain: throughout her life she was reticent about her age.
Newcomer, James. Lady Morgan the Novelist. Bucknell University Press and Associated University Presses.
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Sydney Owenson —already famous for her writing—lived with the wealthy and fashionable Marquess and Marchioness of Abercorn .
G. E. Cokayne 's Complete Peerage gives the marchioness's name as Anne Jane; biographer Mary Campbell gives...
Literary responses Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Reviewers did not attack Morgan on their old political grounds, since events were clearly moving towards an outcome not unlike what she had supported. Instead they attacked the book's morality. The Literary Gazette intoned, we...
Literary responses Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Professionally, Morgan was a notable success. She was a canny businesswoman, never afraid to assert herself against an established publisher or seek out a new one. This paid off in a remarkable level of earnings...
Reception Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Lord Melbourne offered Sydney, Lady Morgan , a Crown pension of three hundred pounds a year; she gladly accepted. She had been a close and supportive friend of Melbourne's first wife, Lady Caroline Lamb ...


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Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora, 1988.