Peter Parker

Standard Name: Parker, Peter


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Literary responses Brigid Brophy
BB was awarded the London Magazine prize for prose in 1962 and the Tony Godwin Award in 1985.
Brophy, Brigid. The King of a Rainy Country. Virago.
She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1973.
Brown, Susan Windisch, editor. Contemporary Novelists. St James Press.
Peter Parker
Literary responses Jeanette Winterson
According to critic Peter Parker , Winterson published the book against the advice of her friends. It received bad reviews, and she apparently tried unsuccessfully to prevent its reissue later. However, as Fiammetta Rocco writes...


1835: Doctor Peter Parker embarked on long-term...

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Doctor Peter Parker embarked on long-term volunteer medical work in China.


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