June Hannam

Standard Name: Hannam, June


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Reception Isabella Ormston Ford
Hannam suggests that this pamphlet in particular embodies IOF 's contribution to the feminist and labour movements: In putting forward her arguments, IOF made use of concepts that were familiar both to suffragists and to...
Reception Isabella Ormston Ford
For many years, IOF was considered only a marginal figure in the histories of both the feminist movement and the socialist movement, but since the publication of her biography by June Hannam in 1989, her...
Textual Features Isabella Ormston Ford
In this pamphlet, which she directed towards the middle and upper classes, IOF declares herself interested in both the moral condition and the economic position of industrial women.
Ford, Isabella Ormston. Industrial Women and How to Help Them. Humanitarian League.
She argues that prostitution has economic...
Textual Features Isabella Ormston Ford
As her biographer June Hannam notes, IOF engages substantially with the work of Karl Pearson for Women and Socialism, especially his idea that there has never been a Labour Question without a Woman's Question...


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