Andrew Mangham

Standard Name: Mangham, Andrew


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Literary responses Mary Fortune
To critic Andrew ManghamThe White Maniac examplifies a Victorian fascination with the potential for violence and irrationality in female adolescents, and detection as sustain[ing] a number of social hierarchies through the actual and figurative...
Textual Features Ellen Wood
The novel's protagonist, Lady Isabel Vane, is left destitute on her father's death and marries the steadfast but dull lawyer Archibald Carlyle without truly loving him. With a home life made miserable by her prim...
Textual Features Ellen Wood
In a subplot Adeline de Castella breaks with her beloved Frederick St John when her Catholic father forbids her to marry him. The emotion of their parting causes her to break a blood vessel, after...
Textual Production Mary Fortune
The Australian Journal carried MF 's The White Maniac: A Doctor's Tale, a far more sensational and macabre short story than My Lady Jane.
In his article on the story, Andrew Mangham states...


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