Martin Orne

Standard Name: Orne, Martin


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Health Anne Sexton
AS found motherhood overwhelming and depressing. The two grandmothers took over most of the care of her babies, while Anne made several more suicide attempts and was frequently in hospital. When her husband began to...
Reception Anne Sexton
The book, published seventeen years after AS 's suicide, traces her tumultuous life and career in detail. Though generally praised as thorough and balanced, it did not appear without controversy, since much of the material...
Textual Production Anne Sexton
AS brought her analyst, Dr Orne , a large batch of formally ambitious poems, neatly typed and dated.
Middlebrook, Diane Wood. Anne Sexton: A Biography. Houghton Mifflin.
Textual Production Anne Sexton
Shortly before this she had watched British critic I. A. Richards on tv explicating the form of the sonnet. She thought, Well, I could do that. She was soon revelling in Dr Orne 's approval...
Textual Production Anne Sexton
Having shaped Tell Me Your Answer True while she was finishing her therapy with Dr. Orne , AS retitled it Mercy Street and revised it in 1969 while she was finishing her therapy with Dr Zweizung


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