Mary Ann Cavendish Bradshaw

Standard Name: Bradshaw, Mary Ann Cavendish
Birth Name: Mary Ann Jeffereyes
Married Name: Mary Ann Nugent
Titled: Mary Ann, Countess of Westmeath
Married Name: Mary Ann Cavendish Bradshaw
Pseudonym: Priscilla Parlante
MACB was the author of two early nineteenth-century historical novels, and, in her prefatory material, of some incisive comments on novel-writing.


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Intertextuality and Influence Hannah More
Next year saw a rich crop of reviews. Sydney Smith in the Edinburgh Review, while praising HM 's style and her skill at manipulating her readers, damned the novel as over-moralized, strained and unnatural...


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Bradshaw, Mary Ann Cavendish. Memoirs of Maria, Countess d’Alva. William Miller, 1808.