Sir Francis Walsingham

Standard Name: Walsingham, Sir Francis


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Employer Christopher Marlowe
Meanwhile records from summer 1587 indicate that Marlowe was already performing valuable secret services for the queen : that is, he was employed as an intelligence agent or spy, perhaps in the network which Sir Francis Walsingham
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
In the minds of the country's ruling class, a marriage for the queen was also necessary. Some have supposed that at this stage Elizabeth may have hoped to marry one day, although she herself publicly...
Family and Intimate relationships Sir Philip Sidney
On 21 September 1583 SPS married the sixteen-year-old Frances Walsingham. This had every appearance of being a dynastic marriage, sealing an alliance between Sidney and his father-in-law, the powerful Sir Francis Walsingham . The couple...
Textual Production Mrs F. C. Patrick
Historically, Anthony Babington , a member of a wealthy Catholic family in Derbyshire, maintained a correspondence with Mary, Queen of Scots , during her imprisonment. In summer 1586 he informed her that he and a...


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