Anne Richardson

Standard Name: Richardson, Anne
Nickname: Nanny


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Family and Intimate relationships Samuel Richardson
In February 1733 Richardson married Elizabeth Leake (who was, like her predecessor, a printer's daughter). She bore (besides a girl and a boy who died early) four daughters who lived to grow up: Mary, Martha
Friends, Associates Jane Collier
JC was a lifelong friend of Sarah Fielding and her brother Henry (who famously mentioned in a book inscription her understanding more than Female, mixed with virtues almost more than human),
Londry, Michael. “Our dear Miss Jenny Collier”. Times Literary Supplement, pp. 13-14.
and of...
Literary responses Sarah Scott
Samuel Richardson (given an advance copy by the publisher) reported the verdict of his wife and daughters, and the writer Jane Collier (a friend particularly of his daughter Anne ), that the book was lacking...


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