Camille Mauclair

Standard Name: Mauclair, Camille


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Education Nina Hamnett
NH , deadly serious and determined to get on (whereas most of the girls there were marking time until marriage), studied under an old Scotsman who painted curious pictures of Highlanders and romantic scenes at...
Textual Production Clementina Black
CB also produced an assortment of other writings. Her several biographies include The Princess Désirée (1896), a life of artist Frederick Walker (1902), and The Linleys of Bath (a family biography, 1911), which went through...
Textual Production Dorothy Bussy
She followed this with another translation of a book about a painter, Camille Mauclair 's Antoine Watteau , 1684-1721, in 1906. The next year she published her essay Eugène Delacroix. In later years...


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