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Literary responses Mary Renault
A more recent critic, Peter Wolfe , concurred that this novel is narrow in concept and design, and seems to suffer from a lack of self-criticism on the author's part. Wolfe, like Lehmann, saw no...
Literary responses Mary Renault
Published in the US in August, Return to Night was generally well reviewed: Charles Lee of the New York Times termed MRan artist to her finger-tips.
Dick, Bernard. The Hellenism of Mary Renault. Southern Illinois University Press.
25, 126n17
Peter Wolfe commented that the book...
Literary responses Mary Renault
Peter Wolfe has noted that the book's probing honesty
Wolfe, Peter. Mary Renault. Twayne.
calls on its readers to question their moral responsibility for an urgent social problem. Because of the nature of the hero's commitment and his lost...
Literary responses Mary Renault
Peter Wolfe commented that this book enlarges both narrative form and the scope of imaginatively perceived experience residing between reader and writer,
Wolfe, Peter. Mary Renault. Twayne.
and that it represented a major artistic advance for MR .
Sweetman, David. Mary Renault: A Biography. Chatto and Windus.
Literary responses Mary Renault
MR was not satisfied with The Bull from the Sea. She thought it was too short, and said she was tiring of the period, even though she wanted to write a sequel for Theseus...
Reception Mary Renault
Peter Wolfe and Carolyn Heilbrun both praise MR for brilliantly documented classical settings, and for making modern themes at home in ancient history. Heilbrun comments that Renault seems to have denied her ancient heroines the...


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Wolfe, Peter. Mary Renault. Twayne, 1969.